RHS Chelsea

Mad, bad and beautiful…

As Petter Southall and his team finally manage to get the 10 meter lengths of wood to bend smoothly, a group of students arrive to watch.

First there were some mad bends, and then some successful smaller bends…

25. Making some mad shapes

Before we finally got the process down almost to a fine art. Just in time for a visit from the Architectural Association students.

28. Passing on the knowledge


Something a bit different for them to see!

31. The bends pile up and the AA students come to visit 1 copy

The curves were beginning to pile up.

27. Divulging the secrets

Time to talk them through the process while the wood is steaming.

29. Letting off steam once the wood is bent

Very relieved to do a perfect bend in front of an audience! Here you can see the steam box cooling down after being hoisted on the pulleys off the hot plank. The steam bending arm has come all the way round and the end of the piece of wood is clamped round the former. The cell structure of the timber has now been altered and will cool to its new shape.

24 Drying in the new shape

And here is one we did earlier. We just keep it clamped into shape until the design of the pavilion will do that for us.


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