A set of handmade chairs by Petter Southall is one of the most special things you can bring into your life. Individually crafted, ergonomic and stunning to look at, these chairs are made to last for centuries, becoming more beautiful with age. Unlike many designer chairs, these are truly comfortable and made to be used. Many times prototyped, they have been tried and tested to suit all shapes and sizes. If it possible to come to West Dorset and try them out, that is of course the way to find out for yourself.

Stock of most of Petter’s chairs is held at Sladers Yard Gallery where they can be seen, handled and tried out. When you commission a set of chairs, Petter will make them specially for you with their own unique detailing. However we do have some chairs for sale individually from the gallery which can be seen here.

Any enquiries about Petter’s furniture please contact or call Sladers Yard on 01308 459511.

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