RHS Chelsea 2019

Chelsea 2

2019 Chelsea Flower Show. Thomas Hoblyn’s Dubai Majlis Show Garden with Petter Southall’s steam bent pavilion. The pavilion now needs a new home. Please contact him  on petter@itre.co.uk if you are interested or phone us at Sladers Yard on 01308 459511. Petter can of course convert it / put a roof on it…

The view from the public walkway was mainly of the outside of the pavilion. As you come round into the garden you can see it much better.

Chelsea 1

On the left you can see the end of the bent pieces of wood which continue under the floor in one huge curve.

Chelsea 5

It makes a lovely quiet shady shelter in a very hot show!

Chelsea 6

At the end of this weekend we are collecting the pavilion and bringing it home. If you are interested in adapting it for your garden please get in touch on petter@itre.co.uk or gallery@sladersyard.co.uk

Made in solid steam bent Douglas Fir, 11 metres long, it is a truly elegant sculptural form.

Inside the pavilion

Here it is in the barn where Petter built it, with the floor but without the walls. Another little garden room can be seen behind.  This is now almost finished.


This is probably the most beautiful side of all. Nutmeg thinks so anyway.



  1. ingebret says:

    Fantastic Petter. Ingebret

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